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Have no fear…
This is a site without scissors…all visitors are searched upon entering.


If you happened upon this site while searching for information on how to grow long hair, PLEASE, before you search further, just know there are many FREE and wonderful sites on the internet to assist you in growing your hair. It is just plain silly to pay for membership to a hair care board. Paying for hair care advice is just plain ludicrous. At the bottom of this page are many free sites loaded with knowledgeable people in the long hair care world.


Letting my hair down before the shower.
It had been in a partial braid all day, dirty as could be.

A special THANK YOU to my parents for allowing me to carry on the wonderful hair genes in our family….
well, uh, at least on Mom’s side!

It is more important to have self-respect than to gain respect from others.
Madeleine de Scudery

Thank you for stopping by…
I find there are not enough websites out there dedicated to long hair…
I’ve chosen to add my page in hopes that it will encourage others to let their tresses flow!
If you have aspirations for long hair,
the most important advice I can give you is this:

“Many women feel that you’ve either got it or you don’t, when it fact it CAN be had
if you just learn about your hair and what makes it tick.”

I’m no beauty queen, & my hair isn’t model material, but hey, it’s mine, and it’s fun!
Besides, if I can inspire others to grow their hair it’s all worthwhile!

No smut, no nudity, just hair.

What’s new???

Well, gorgeous hair sticks, of course,
from Sophie & Lucy!


After a trim on May 11, 2003

Compare February’s pic with April’s big trim!

Just taken out of braids to keep a little wave
(Yes, that is green and white paint on the wall…we are still in the process of painting)

My hair is naturally straight, but I like to add body by curling, braiding or rolling in curlers.

All material, photos and content of this webpage
and connected webpages are copyrighted, thank you.

Be sure to update your links and favorites page
with the excellent new and improved Long Hair Community!
Steph has given us a beautiful new home!
(click on TALK to join our conversations)

My hair is naturally stick straight, but I have shown
it in varied curls, waves and other styles.

Brushing out the waves after a day of braids.


Wearing chopsticks / hairsticks is easy!

You can cheat while wearing chopsticks…
add a few plastic hair pins for extra security and no one will know!
A much safer alternative to bobby pins.

These pins are available at Sally Beauty Supply, BeautyCo, etc.
A package of 8-10 runs about $1.98.
No need to purchase the expensive sets which only give you four pins!

There is no sense at all in paying outrageous prices for hairsticks
(unless you have extra money to burn)
I’ve found several Ebay sellers with good selections and very good prices.

Here are a few I’ve purchased on Ebay:

I only paid $13.50 for these, and they are beautiful!
Swarovski stones, cloisonne and more!~
Just press on a picture to be taken to that seller’s auctions!

Here are even more great hairstick sellers on Ebay:

Georgemac1 – Auntlynn1 – Papadonh – wilyumswood – mickhammer

When it comes to long hair I certainly don’t know it all and never will.
For me, it’s a learn-as-I-go experience. I do what works for my hair,
and my routine often changes. Perhaps a few of my routines will work for you?

Click image to view larger version

Above is my hair in it’s natural straight state.
(Okay, so I just noticed my zipper was open!)

I never really intended to grow long hair, I just didn’t get it cut. When will I cut it?
If it begins to look raggedy or is no longer a pleasure to care for.

As of October 2002, 52″ long after being cut back from 54″.

I am still trying to trim the length on occasion to allow my bangs to catch up,
which are about 8″ shorter than my length as shown in this photo.
Not many, but enough so that they bother me being shorter than the rest of my hair.
I’ll never cut bangs again. They are fine for some, but they aren’t for me.
See the Hair Bangs Page

Putting my wet hair into a ~ Bee Butt ~
(A style dubbed so by fellow Long Haired Princess; Martine)

Click image to view larger version

My ‘used to be’ favorite stick barrette as shown in the spiral bun photo.
The stick was not sanded well and I used it anyways.
The result? Cut and broken hairs!


Help make this postage stamp a reality!
Click on the stamp to see how you can help it happen!

unless specially coated with plastic to protect hair!
Gentle elastics are available at most any large store.

Braids…yes, braids are a good thing,
especially wet ones. I often sleep with braids.
The next day I have a full head of bouncy waves!
I use perm rollers with perm papers to keep the ends smooth,
and sometimes a hair gel to add bounce!
Don’t have perm papers? Use a tissue!

Another braid trick is to pull my hair to one side, wrap the braid around my head
and secure with Goody brand plastic hair pins.

Click images to view larger version

I apologize for the blurry pictures which make my ends look ragged.
They are not, in fact, they are cut straight across
but you can’t tell by this terribly grainy photo.
I also had my hair in braids, causing that fluffy look.

“How long did it take to grow your hair that long?”

“Have you ever cut your hair?”

The answers? “I don’t know” and “All too often.”
Click here to find out why…

Below are three untouched photos of my hair.
This shows the various colors camera and natural lighting
will cause, often distorting the true color of a photo.
Though it looks very nice, I simply don’t have red hair.
The photo on the right is closest to my actual color.

Hi, my name is Karen, and I’m a product junkie.

No, this is not a picture from the local salon.
Nor is it a photo of the grocery store hair care section.
It is proof of what a product junkie experiences.

I’ve accumulated dozens of products over time, thinking that I’ll find that one true miracle item.
but there are products which work best for an individual’s hair.

A product with “cones” (ingredient listings ending in words that pronounce CONE, such as Dimethicone) may work for some, and not for others. Don’t let a few opinions keep you from trying a product…let your hair decide for itself. Rumors on the internet are guilty of endorsing a certain product and needlessly shaming others. Research, ask opinions, but don’t swear off anything unless you’ve tried it for yourself. If it doesn’t work for your hair, don’t use it. What works for me may not do a thing for your hair.

I do suggest, however, using shampoos not available in your everyday markets.
Many supermarket shampoos contain Ammonium Laureth Sulfate, Ammonium Lauryl Sulfate and Sodium Lauryl Sulfate. These can be harsh on the hair, so if you must use grocery store brands, use a brand without all the harsh chemicals. I have found that one ingredient; Sodium Laureth Sulfate, is a milder form of cleansing agent. Drop all the dish soap and you WILL notice a difference in your hair.


There is NO need for one hundred strokes a day. This is utter silliness. If you are in need of oil distribution for dry hair, (the original intention of this ancient brushing nonsense…) add a bit of Jojoba oil to your hairbrush and take it easy on those tresses!

Unless you want hair of differing lengths you’d better take it easy on the brushing, extremely hot blow dryers, coloring, bleaching, perming, tugging, yanking, excessive use of curling irons, sprays, mists, etc…bad habits you shouldn’t subject your locks to. This idea of brushing one hundred strokes earns it’s place among the old wive’s tales. Don’t believe me? Brush on.


Before you jump into the shower, glob on the shampoo and begin scrubbing like you’re washing the car…Keep in mind that any tangles you cause by excessive scrubbing will need to be dealt with later. Unless you’ve just been through a tropical storm, take it easy when you wash!

When washing long hair, take note of a few things:

Always try to brush the tangles out before you shampoo. No need to rip your hair out, a boar bristle brush even to smooth the hair back into place will be better than not doing anything. Jumping out of the convertible and into the shower…not a good idea. I highly advise using a product called MONOI to oil down your hair, making it very easy to detangle when using a gentle brush or good comb. Once you have all of the tangles removed, the oil will wash right out when you shower.

Rinsing should cleanse the length of your hair

There is no need to pile it on top of your head and produce enough bubbles for a bath. Keep an empty shampoo bottle in the shower to put a small amount of shampoo into, then add enough water to shake into a bottle of suds. Squeeze these suds onto your hair and you won’t believe the difference it makes when washing your hair. More bubbles, less friction on your hair!

Reduce the amount of conditioner by concentrating on the ends, especially if you have oily hair

When combing out, if your hair is ratty and tangled, (remember, if you had removed the tangles prior to the shower, you wouldn’t have all these tangles…) consider a small amount of oil to smooth the hair. Just a tad, not too much. Monoi is a great detangler but it will make your hair look greasy if you use too much.

Wet…Shampoo…Rinse…Conditioner…Rinse…Twist! Please note, you are twisting HAIR, not a towel. Gently, gently twist or squeeze, not tightly. I prefer to stand in the shower for a few extra moments allowing the excess water to drain from my hair rather than to squeeze or twist it.

Heard about hair vitamins? Are you thinking “Hogwash”?

Click here for my two cents.


Perhaps it’s time to reform.
Remember the gray and pink can of AquaNet?
Unless you are using a can a day, a light mist is no problem.
Don’t get ridiculous with it, and try not to use too much.


Hair dyes, bleach, tinting and such? Not for me. My hair is usually streaked from the sun because I work outdoors in the summer doing this. There is nothing wrong with the idea of coloring one’s hair, but your hair may suffer damage because of the harsh chemicals. If you feel the need to color, please have it done professionally or do your homework first. There are many women on the long hair boards who can assist if you decide to dye your hair. You might also consider Henna, a natural dye.

A pony tail…something I hardly ever wear!


Ah, the dilemma. Once you cut it, it’s over with. You can think about it. You can pretend to do it. But after that pair of shears hits your head it’s all over with but the crying. Think long and think hard. The first time you see someone with long hair after you’ve cut yours, think “HINDSIGHT”. You don’t want to be the one having to say “My hair USED to be that long.”


For those debating a cut, let me assist…
Place your nose on the image below:

Now stay there until you come to your senses!


I’ve been offered the chance to appear on talk shows to cut my hair. I declined and am very glad I did. Fifteen minutes of fame was just not worth the time, attention & conditioner I have invested in my long hair, not to mention it helps to feed the fashion industry. Did you ever notice how long haired women appear so haggard in the ‘before’ photo?

Aw, gee, look at this poor, unnatractive girl with all that hair.
Let’s cut it all of and put makeup on her and she’ll be much better.

Of course, some women look better with short hair, and some look absolutely smashing, but I’m not one of them and I don’t intend to be one any time soon. When I have short hair, I look cute, but as I am not exactly a teenager, I have no desire to look CUTE.


Never thought long hair was hazardous? Think again!

A Weed-eater tried to eat my hair. Nothing funny about it, even now.
Wearing my hair in a single pony tail, the ends of my hair were sucked into the motor, causing the Weed-eater to reel in my hair. As it wound, it rapidly pulled the unit up to my head, literally knocking me out. As I came to, the neighbor produced scissors insisting that my hair should all be cut off to “rescue” me. Hubby knew better. He removed the motor housing to remove my hair. I had a headache and lost clumps of hair. Now I wear my hair in a bun when using power tools.


Do you shampoo without conditioning?
Do you have static electricity in your hair?
Do you brush your hair several times a day?
Do you blow dry and curl your hair every day?
Do you hold your hair in a pony tail while yanking out tangles?

Give yourself 5 points for every NO
and zero points for every YES.


25 points=You take excellent care of your hair.
20 points=Nice, but stop that one bad habit you have.
15 points=Perhaps you should wear a hat?
10 points=Yes, definitely a hat!
5 points=Scrap the hat. Stay in the house.
Visit hair boards daily. Heed advice.


Consider a woman’s height when you mention her hair length. For example, if one woman has ankle length hair…that’s fantastic! But consider this…how tall is she? Classic length on a shorter woman does not have the same effect on a taller woman, even though a woman with height would have more hair by the inch. So for those of you who are tall, don’t despair when shorter friends reach their hair growing goals first…you’ve got further to go but you’ll end up with longer hair.

Sources say to measure from the top of your forehead hairline down to the ends.
In that case, I’ll need another tape measure soon!


If you’re thinking about growing your hair long, keep this in mind. How will you wear it in bed? Hell hath no fury like a long haired person in need of using the restroom in the middle of the night only to find themselves jerked back into bed when the length of your hair is weighed down by your bed partner.


You’ll need someone you trust to trim your hair on a regular basis.
I would prefer Viggo Mortensen, but hubby fills the bill.
A quick trim, even just to skim the ends is a good thing!
I must say that while growing my hair out, the best way
to let it grow is NOT to watch it every day, nor measure each week.
Your hair will grow, give it time.

Just remember to keep your ends neat and aim for the combination of length and a healthy mane.
Nothing gives long haired women a nasty name
like those who refuse to keep up their long locks.
What good is long hair if it doesn’t look good?

Quality before quantity!

It may take longer to grow, but your hair will look fantastic if you care for it properly. The ends needn’t be straight across…a U shape is lovely as well. Don’t forget that you are a representative of long hair. Try to keep your long locks looking lovely at all times. The way your hair looks in public is, sadly, the way everyone perceives long hair. If it looks bad, that’s just one more reason people think you should cut it. Take care of it, treat it well and create a beautiful display! Your hair will be judged by the memory of a beautiful head of hair in stranger’s minds, so if you go out with your hair looking ragged, you’ve planted yet another impression that long hair is haggard looking. As a lovely lady with floor length hair; Lady Grace has so eloquenty stated: “You are a long hair ambassador.”
Treat the title as you should.

So…what else do I do all day besides brush my hair?
Gardening and gourds!

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