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CODY HARVESTING SEEDS FROM 2004 LUFFA Junior Master Gardeners with a Luffa harvest grown in New York from Wuv’n Acres seeds! Good job, BEC Seedlings Group!


Luffa – Sponge Gourd – Luffa / Luffah / Loofa / Loofah

20+ seeds from our most recent harvest…Fall 2004

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Grow your own bath and body sponges!
Please note that luffa requires a long and warm growing season.



Luffa growing on a chain link fence by the house

Often spelled in many ways, Luffa / Luffah / Loofa and Loofah…
not grown in the sea…a luffa is a fibrous growth on a vine which will
dry to become a welcome addition to the bath, kitchen and more!

So you’re intimidated by the thought of making home made soap?
Fear not, it’s easier than making candy, much less mess and much more fun!

If you have a microwave or a pan to melt the glycerin (soap) in, you’re all set.

Here are the basic requirements to make soap:

Scents and colorants(optional)
Glycerin soap chunks or loaf, found at your local hobby store

(In our area, a two pound brick runs $8.99 at higher priced stores)
A glass measuring cup (a pint is fine, a quart for larger amounts)
Plastic soap molds (they are very inexpensive from the hobby store)
Goodies to place in your soap, if desired. I prefer to use luffa slices.
A microwave (if you don’t have one, you can melt the soap on low on the stove)

We carry luffa year round on Ebay if you need to purchase them.
We also sell directly from our website.

Luffa – Sponge Gourd Luffa / Luffah / Loofa / Loofah

Make payments with PayPal – it’s fast, free and secure!

Seeds are available for $2.50 per pkg. of 20 seeds.

Simply slice the glycerin brick into a few squares.
Place the squares into the glass measuring cup.

Add a drop or two of your scent to the squares, if desired, heating in your microwave for about 40 seconds.
Place luffa slices, chunks, shredded pieces or whatever your heart desires into the molds
or leave them empty if you wish.

Pour the soap into the molds and allow to cool.
Pop them out of the mold.

Yes, it’s that easy!

I had fun making mine. I got creative with them
and used squashed sections, shredded sections, hole pieces
and even added real luffa seeds to my soaps.

A luffa sliced lengthwise, dissected, if you will

If the luffa slice keeps popping out of the mold, simply wet it down with melted soap
and it quickly learns to stay put.
If it wants to float out of the mold, simply use a steak knife to hold it down.
I propped mine up against the measuring glass until it hardened, then
simply remove the knife. Just press the soap down if it forms a bump.
After all, this is the bottom, and it won’t show.

Since the seeds will float, it is best to fill the mold only to the top of the luffah slice
and then place the seeds on top of the soap, pushing them down into the soap so as to wet the top of the seed.
After it has cooled (about 10-20 minutes) fill the rest of the mold and the seeds will stay put.

This is a very fun hobby and not as expensive as it once was.

You can get very creative with soap by adding powdered milk for a creamy appearance and more!

Have fun, and don’t forget to wash behind your ears!